USEFUL TIPS (for maximal fun, read the following tips.)

  1. If you bring your phone or other similar device to the event, we advise that you carry it in a plastic bag to protect it from the color dust. 
  2. After the run, we will make sure, that you can clean up a bit, but we do advise you to bring some tissues with you. 
  3. If you are sensitive, we advise you to carry some mouth protection and maybe swimming glasses for the kids. Normal sunglasses will work too. 
  4. Even though the HOLI colors are not harmful, we advise you to wear sunglasses. 
  5. The backpack with surprise that every participant gets will be given on the event. We advise you to come to the event on time to avoid the crowd. 
  6. The event is supposed to be fun and crazy, so dress for the occasion. 
  7. You are not a runner? No problem! This won`t be a difficult running competition, but a hangout and for some maybe even their first run. It`s important that everyone has fun and reaches the finish line without pressure. 
  8. Because this is a social event, we advise you to invite as much friends as you can and run together. During the run take as much fun pictures as you can and let the colors take you back to your childhood for at least a little while. 
  9. Parents, take your children with you. This event will stay in their memory for a while because we have something special planned for them. 
  10. You will be able to eat and drink at the event, so don`t worry about being hungry or thirsty. 
  11. After the run, there will be an unforgettable party till the morning with some of the world`s biggest musicians.